30 Day Off-Grid Challenge! Hacks and Results! Could You Do It?

Have you ever spent a month living off-grid?  Letting the sun be your energy source, nature be your entertainment and time be your guide?

While Brian and I have boondocked many times before, we challenged ourselves and our rig to go off-grid, in the AZ desert for 30 days.  In our latest 4-part Boondocking series, we had five goals:  Test our rig's systems, see how efficiently we could use our resources, save money, complete some projects and SLOW DOWN!  

In Week One,  we covered our time in Quartzsite, AZ and the Big Tent event.  It was also our first LU Crew Meet Up location and time to be spent with friends and family.  We were off and running and four weeks of boondocking sounded like a breeze!  Waking up each morning to a crisp morning with a beautiful sunset was absolute heaven!  We were conserving water but burning through propane kind of quickly.  The night time temps were getting down there and storm clouds were hanging around.  All in all a gr…

How Much Does A RV Warranty Cost? Without One, We Spent over $10,000 Out of Pocket!

After the release of our recent video  It's Done!explaining the unexpected engine rebuild on our 2008 Winnebago Sightseer motorhome, we received a number ofquestions from viewers on how much an average RV warranty costs.  As explained in our video, we chose not to purchase an RV warranty due to Brian's mechanical ability, but you know the saying "hindsight is 2020!" We never would have imagined the need to rebuild our engine with only 43,000 miles on our coach.  The thought NEVER entered our mind. The total cost of our repairs came to over $10,000!! I guess it goes to show you, you never know what could happen! 
 Brian and I partner with Wholesale Warranties because of their reputation in the RV community.  If we had purchased a warranty, this is who we would have gone with.  To answer some of the "cost" questions, we attach this informational blog from WW.  If you are interested in  receiving a no obligation quote or just need additional information, please…

CONGRATULATIONS to Our Holiday Give-away Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS to Bruce Lindeman & Marilyn George who each won a $50 Amazon Gift Card in our Holiday Give-Away.  We appreciate all of our LU Crew who participated and shared your holiday greetings.  Brian and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Joyful 2020.  We'll see you on the road!

Surviving a Major Breakdown - Full-time RV Life

When you live in your RV, your home is literally on wheels.  The upside is that you get to "live" in beautiful places, the downside is when it breaks down, you may be displaced.

When Brian and I started our full-time RV journey, we had a couple of "fears"that we hoped wouldn't be realized. Both involved something happening to our home whether it be a breakdown or an accident.  When you live in a traditional sticks and bricks home, you at least have the security of knowing you'll have a roof over your head when things breakdown like your AC, refrigerator or plumbing.  Add kids or pets to the mix and things get stressful.

Video of our Breakdown:

You have several concerns and issues to deal with when your RV breaks down.  Questions you may ask yourself:

1) How do I get it to a repair shop?  
2) Where do I get it repaired ?
3) Can I afford the repairs or how will I pay for it?  
4) How long will it take to repair?
and the BIG one 
5) W…

Our Experience with Thousand Trails So Far! Win Some, Lose Some

Near the end of September, as Brian and I began our travels South, we made the decision to purchase our first Thousand Trails membership.  Knowing we would traverse the SouthEast, we decided to purchase the SE Zone as well as the Trails Collection since many of our upcoming locations were Thousand Trails parks.  In addition, we purchased the SW Zone (covering AZ, CA & NV) where we'll winter this year.  While the cost of membership is pricey, we figured after 25 nights (at an average of $25.00 per) and we'd break even.  At this time in the year, the daytime temps were still warm, and while we like to boondock, keeping our AC running for the dogs was a priority for us.  Electric hookups would be necessary and Thousand Trails fit the bill! We received suggestions from others to buy a membership from a camping outlet; however, we ended up using a discount code from a fellow YouTuber and purchased our membership directly from Thousand Trails.  It was a super easy process and d…

Maryland Bound, eBikes and our thoughts on Harvest Hosts

Maryland Bound,  eBikes and our thoughts on Harvest Hosts

Hi All!  First of all, let me thank each and everyone of you for the love and support you showed my family and I during my Mom's illness and passing.  You filled our hearts!  Thank you so much!

After returning to Indiana, Brian and I eagerly hit the road in search of BEACH 🏖 time.  August was a bit of a stressful month and we knew the beach would be the answer to soothe our souls and fill our cups.  First stop - Maryland to see our oldest son, Eric.  You know him - recent ASU graduate and all!

But first, our Lectric XP eBikes FINALLY arrived after a much anticipated wait of two months.  We unboxed, set up and rode those bikes the very day they arrived and made a video of it.  You may have seen it? If you're interested, here's the video link:  Well, as luck would have it, our route to Maryland took us right past the Great Allegheny Passage trail and we HAD to stop.  Soooooo glad we did…

At HOME in Indiana and a GIFT from my MOM

At HOME in Indiana and a GIFT from my MOM

After the treacherous storms and "excitement"of tornado warnings in SD, MN and IA, we finally arrived back in Brian's home state of Indiana.  Our plans were to spend a couple weeks (lot docking) on family's land while we attended a family reunion and got reacquainted with the area we used to live in some years back  While the weather was on the warmer side with a bit of humidity, we still enjoyed getting outside and taking our segways to discover local trails and parks.  We didn't know what to expect or what we'd find, but the effort was totally worth it when we discovered covered bridges, rustic/restored parks, waterfalls, corn fields, suspension bridges, tow paths, canals and "fairy gardens" (Shawnna's term).

In two afternoons, we discovered more in this small town of Delphi than we ever saw during the two years we actually LIVED in Indiana.  We'll attribute this to having the gift of time and the…