We have friends in Egypt!

In a chance meeting at the AZ State Fair's King Tut and Egyptian Treasures Exhibit, we met Mr. Tarek Ragab, the President and CEO of the exhibit.  Brian happened to be filming the exhibit contents when Mr. Ragab asked if he wouldn't mind sharing a copy.  Of course he said "yes"!  Not only did we get the insider scoop on how the exhibit contents came to be (they're faithful reproductions of the real thing in Egypt), but we also learned of its history and a little about Mr. Ragab's travel history and presentations to dignitaries - including former President Jimmy Carter.   The video is now uploaded to the Egyptian Arts Center website.

For our troubles (really no trouble at all!), Mr. Ragab presented Brian with three papyrus scrolls and promised if we're ever in Egypt to look him up!!  How cool is that?


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