And with that... we're now Full Timers!

Launch day has finally arrived for Brian, Lucy, Rikki and I!  So much activity over the last week just to get to this point.  It happened so quickly!

First, we completed the online estate sale auction.  All but just a few lots sold and afterwards, we had a small garage sale and then off to the donation center with the remaining stuff.  My anxiety was completely unfounded over auction pick up day.  Many kudos to the team at MaxSold who ran a tight ship when it came to the 200+ people picking up items inside, outside, upstairs and down at our home.  Brian and I chose to hang around for the day (although there was no need to do so) and we got to say "hi" to many friends, family, former coworkers and neighbors who were successful bidders in the auction.  The pickup started at 8:30 and ended right around 2:30 in the afternoon.  It was AMAZING watching how quickly our home emptied out.  We were sure, given the number of people and lots, that the pickup would last into 6 PM, but again, MaxSold ran a very tight ship.  The convenience factor alone made the whole process worth it.  We're in the process of documenting the pickup and close out, including a time-lapse video to share with our community.  Stay tuned for that! Get $100 off with MaxSold by using promo code JO3631.

Second, we prepared to move fully out of our house and close on 5/3.  The week was spent running all around town like crazy people to complete many tasks.  Here's a few:  Vet appointments to obtain health certificates for travel to Mexico, doctor appointments to obtain 6-9 month prescriptions, moving prescriptions from our current pharmacy to Walmart (nationwide), transferring title of our truck to the new owner, closing appointments on the house, trips to Home Depot & Lowes for final touch ups on the house, many/many/many trips to Goodwill to drop off items left around the house, many more trips back and forth between the house and the motorhome to load up, a couple of fare-well dinners and drinks, many phone calls to line up health insurance, trips to Office Max to shred documents, trips to Sam's Club to digitize VHS tapes, trips to Autozone and others to prep both the vehicles, and the list goes on.  We are exhausted!!!

Third, and finally, we moved the last of our belongings out of the house and into the motorhome today.  I think the excitement of our new adventure overshadowed the fact that we were walking away from the home where we had so many good times with family and friends.  Honestly we looked around, waved goodbye and jumped in the RV.  No tears, no regret.  I'm so thankful it went that way because we weren't sure how we'd feel.  Brian and I have moved MANY times in the 30 plus years we've been married, so this really isn't anything new for us.  I suppose that's why it was an easy goodbye this morning.  After heading out, we went to have the rig weighed and found that we are 300  pounds from our max.  Something that we'll need to keep in mind, especially since we didn't have a full water tank at weigh in.  We were sweating it though, thinking we may have gone over.

To end the big day, we finally pulled into the first of what will be many RV parks on our travels.  We chose our first park from a listing on Passport America (we bought our membership at Quartzsite this year) and will save enough money on this one stay to cover the cost of the membership. Yippee!  We're hanging around town to see our oldest son graduate from ASU on May 6th.  So proud of our boys this year.  Two big milestones for both of them.  We then head out on our adventure on May 9th, after making a stop at the Fox 10 News Station (in our RV) for a farewell interview.  This should be fun.  Speaking of the news, no word yet on when the ABC15 interview will run, but will post it here when we know more.

I think Brian and I are going to take a dip in the hot tub to rest our weary bones and celebrate all that we've achieved over the last month.  Here's to living lyf uninterrupted!!  Cheers!


  1. Congratulations!! We went on the road 2 months ago and I can tell you that you will love this adventure!! Safe travels!
    Lon and Ruth


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