Launch Day & What Happened in Mexico?!

Finally, finally!  On May 9th, we finally took off and headed out of AZ on our new adventure!  First stop was the Fox 10 News Studio for a quick send off from the News Team of Troy Hayden, Celeste Rodriguez and Ron Hoon.

What an interesting experience being on live TV and having everyone in our "home" no less.  The news story played in the morning and again that evening.  Here's a link in case you missed it.

After our stop at the studio, we headed for Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Mexico.  After crossing through the border, we go an unexpected visit from the Mexican military.  They asked to search our home!  In all my years of traveling to Mexico (since I was 5, so that's a lot of years), I've never experienced this type of in-depth search.  They literally went through every drawer, cupboard, medicine cabinet, purse, bag, backpack and safe.  What's strange is that they didn't inspect our pods or the jeep we had in tow.  Finally, the inspector came upon the last cabinet which happened to hold our liquor.

He said we had more than 3 liters per person and would be fining us $35.  He would collect the money personally.  Hmmmmmm.  We happily paid it so we could move on!  It was sort of disheartening watching many other RV's passing us by at the border without any type of inspection or search.  I guess we looked suspicious for some reason??  OR maybe it was because we had our logo on the side of the rig.  Who knows!  All in all, we made it through and arrived in Rocky Point about 3 PM.

We got a terrific spot in the RV park and went out to dinner to celebrate our first day as true RV Nomads.  All is right with the world!  Now for some beach time!


  1. Dunno... pretty brave to head down to Mexico first thing. I loved Mexico but things being the way they are right now I don't think I'd go anymore. We're going to head to Texas first thing when our time comes. Congrats for making it finally happen!

    1. Hi Flying Dutchman. We've been going to this location in Mexico for many, many years so we knew what to expect. The in-depth search we weren't expecting, but that was over and one in 20 minutes. No worries. Texas is also on our list. Is there a reason you're headed to Texas first? Thank you for the well wishes!

    2. Headed to Texas as that will be our domicile state. We'll go straight from California to Livingston, TX and hang out there for a month while we become Texans and then take stock and decide where to go from there. We're going to be slow travelers, spending at least a month in every location we travel to. Unless it stinks or is cold. :-)


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