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Our Experience with Thousand Trails So Far! Win Some, Lose Some

Near the end of September, as Brian and I began our travels South, we made the decision to purchase our first Thousand Trails membership.  Knowing we would traverse the SouthEast, we decided to purchase the SE Zone as well as the Trails Collection since many of our upcoming locations were Thousand Trails parks.  In addition, we purchased the SW Zone (covering AZ, CA & NV) where we'll winter this year.  While the cost of membership is pricey, we figured after 25 nights (at an average of $25.00 per) and we'd break even.  At this time in the year, the daytime temps were still warm, and while we like to boondock, keeping our AC running for the dogs was a priority for us.  Electric hookups would be necessary and Thousand Trails fit the bill! We received suggestions from others to buy a membership from a camping outlet; however, we ended up using a discount code from a fellow YouTuber and purchased our membership directly from Thousand Trails.  It was a super easy process and d…