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Welcome to our website!  We are Shawnna & Brian, a couple of true RV nomads at heart, preparing for a full time journey around the United States.  We chose "Lyf Uninterrupted" as our brand name because it means to us to live life NOW - continuously - not just when we have the standard 2-weeks vacation time available to do so.  We're giving up all the STUFF and trading it for EXPERIENCES, while we challenge what's normal!

Brian's a Mid-western boy from Indiana and Shawnna's a Southwestern girl from Arizona who met when Brian was in the Air Force stationed at Luke Air Force base in Arizona.  We've been married for a LONG time and have two wonderful, adult sons with adventurous lives of their own. We're preparing to embark on a purposeful journey to discover what living life truly means - while we have the ability to do so.  When asked what makes us our best selves - Brian and I truly believe it's when we're free to make choices, can smell the roses and take the moments to experience the life around us.  - purposefully.

We travel in a Class A Winnebago motorhome with a Jeep tow behind.  We have two little dogs - Frenchies  - that continuously keep us laughing and up early in the morning for potty runs.  Our goal is to share out experiences with others to inspire them to rethink life and live it purposefully.  We're glad you're here!

For more on our adventures, you can follow us on YouTube (Lyfuninterrupted), Instragram (Lyf_uninterrupted) and Facebook (@Lyfuninterrupted).  Please contact us for information or comment below.  Happy Trails!

One of the many videos you can find on YouTube.  We post locale videos as well as DIY and some humorous video shorts.  Enjoy!

Follow us on Twitter too!  We are @LyfUninterruptd   See you there!!


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