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We're Leaving the Rat Race!  

It's official!!!  We've finally taken BIG steps toward our upcoming journey.  Along with all of the planning we've been doing for the past 6 months, we took the leap and provided our letters of resignation to our employers last week.  It was a REALLY hard step to take but one that was needed in order to have the time we need to get all of the upcoming activities completed.

We filmed our first introductory video (link below) where we share some of who we are and what we hope to accomplish with our YouTube videos and Instagram.  We would love to be the inspiration behind another couple or families journey toward Full Time.

We'll record a three part series, documenting what it takes for us to make this transition.  From planning and prepping to selling our home and all of its contents to moving into the RV and hitting the road for the first time!  We hope you'll join us for this journey and share your suggestions and comments along t…
Happy New Year - 2019 - Let the ADVENTURE begin!

"New Year" means so much more than it normally would.  2019 will be truly a NEW year for Brian and I as we begin our journey to full time RV living and leave behind the normalcy of the white picket fence, mortgage, corporate jobs and two cars in the garage.  So much to do before then and so much anticipation before us.  Before we talk about the "new adventure" we first have two significant events coming up quickly this year.  Our youngest son, Michael will marry his beautiful bride Brittany in March.  We love Brittany and are so excited to have her join our family.  In May, our oldest son graduates from Arizona State University - Way to go Eric!!!  We're so proud of both of our boys as they've truly grown into wonderful men!

That'll bring us around to May, when the adventure begins, and we begin a life 180 degrees different than today.  As I mentioned before, there's a LOT to do to get ready for this …