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Our Last Week of Corporate America!

When Brian and I started the countdown to full time RVing, we tracked the number of weeks until we left corporate America.  I remember when we had 26 left and telling Brian to buckle up - it's going to go quick.  I was right! It flew by!  I can't believe we're entering our last week of work.  4 days to be exact!  Our last week!!  So many emotions and thoughts as we prepare to spend our last week with our coworkers, leaders and colleagues.  My company has arranged two lunches and a cake.  Brian's still unknown but I'm sure they'll send him off in style.

Looking back on my career in HR, I can remember fondly some of the awesome people I got the privilege to work with:  nurses, doctors, lawyers, engineers, astronauts, rocket scientists (that's right!), golf pros, construction workers, sales people, financial wizards and many more.  These people helped shape my career, influenced me as a leader and helped me become the perso…
We made the News!!

Fox 10 News with John Hook & Kari Lake picked up our story this afternoon.  One funny though, that's not our rig pictured in the video!

Link to Video:
Couple Quits Jobs to Travel Full-time
We had Fun Touring 2019 Airstreams this Weekend!

This weekend, Brian and I went to the International Sportsmen's Expo where we toured the 2019 Airstream line up.  It was the first time the two of us had been inside a real Airstream trailer.  They're fascinating to see from the outside and equally interesting on the inside.  The trailers we toured had some really nice features, but the biggest let down was the size of the shower.  I'm wondering if all Airstream trailers have the same size shower?  Being 5'8" and Brian at 6'2", there was no way we could use it other than sitting down.

Our weekends and evenings continue to be filled with purging, sorting and organizing in anticipation of the big auction that starts in early April.  We also signed the contract on our house (scary but YAY!) and are awaiting the results of the home inspection.  Brian's been selling his Allan Edmonds shoes on eBay (like hot cakes) and I'm preparing to send all of my sui…
Uncut/Unedited Q&A about our Transition to Full Time 

We had a great couple of weeks!  Our youngest son got married (Yay, Mikey & Brittany) and we hosted relatives from Indiana.  It was a whirlwind week!  In addition, we continued the big purge, which I have to tell you is HARD!  It's not the purging itself, it's what to keep for now, later and in the rig.  I'm not gonna lie....purging my clothes and getting them down to a manageable number for the RV is going to be a challenge!  I need winter clothes, summer clothes, dress clothes and play clothes and casual night out clothes.  And then there are the shoes!!  Aaack!  We made out latest video update in only one take!  It was a goal and I think we did pretty well.  More conversational and less report out.  We're keeping our eye on the prize as we do the tough work of transitioning our lives from today to tomorrow.  Only 2 1/2 more weeks until we leave our corporate jobs!  Exhilarating and scary all at the same t…
Planning & Prepping in Full Swing

Well, it's now March (officially on Friday) and we're in full swing from planning to prepping to go full time.  So much to do!  So little time it seems!  Somehow we managed to put out three videos each week that take you from the why to the how.  If you haven't seen them, you can check them out here on Youtube.

We achieved our first 100 subscribers on YouTube this past week!  So exciting.  I hear the next hundred aren't as tough, but geez, it was a long haul.  Literally we went from 31 to 100 in just a little over a week after learning a bit more about how to promote and increase your subscriber base.  I think it also had something to do with putting our more content.  We're just excited to have 100 subscribers who are interested in our journey and helping us along the way.  Thank you!!

So what have we accomplished so far?  Well, we've begun going through the house and purging stuff we don'…