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RV Upgrades, Channel 15 News Interview, Auction Rolls, Transition to RV

WOW, a lot has happened in just a week!  So much that we had to take a time out to stop and smell the roses at OHSO this past Friday. 🍻

Brian completed several interior upgrades to the RV.  Stuff we've been wanting to do but just didn't have the time.  We tiled the kitchen with peel and stick tiles and replaced the faucet and shade.  What a difference!  It opened up the space, making it feel lighter and brighter.  Brian posted a short video of the whole process on our Youtube channel.

Channel 15's Journalist, John Genovese, stopped by our home to conduct an interview and tour of our motorhome.  He was certainly interested in how we'll repair and maintain the motorhome and was quite impressed with Brian's mechanical skills and former F15 Crew Chief background.  They were equally impressed with the disaster we're living with,  in and outside our home, as a result of the estate auction.  John …
Selling our Stuff! Online Auction Details!

To all our Phoenix Metro Friends, Family & Followers:  We're having an online auction to sell all of our belongings both inside and outside our home. Everything must go including indoor & outdoor furniture, tools, housewares & appliances, Xmas Decs, TV's, Bose Speakers, Bikes, Camping Gear, Exercise equipment, Jewelry & Watches, Pilot Gear, and MORE! Literally everything!! Our auction is the one with the Fender Strat picture. Bidding runs from 4/13 to 4/25 and you need to register first in order to bid. Pickup will be Saturday, Apr. 27th ONLY and you'll need to pick up in person.
Registration: Main Auction Page:

Are we retired?!  

April 4th, our last day of work, came and went.  Brian and I documented our last day on our YouTube channel and went about our usual routine.  Sunday arrived and I was franticly getting laundry and grocery shopping done in anticipation of Monday.  It was about 4:00 when it dawned on me that the laundry and grocery shopping could wait.  We're retired now!  What???  The concept hadn't yet kicked in and still sounds so foreign to us.  While we weren't using the term ourselves, many of our friends and family called it "retirement", we were calling it "unemployed" and on a good day "pre-retired".  My Dad still doesn't have a name for it, but he does remind us that we're too young to "retire".  So, as Brian likes to say "we're retired from life as we knew it and we're on to the next phase".  I think I like that so we'll use "retired" for short.  Yes, I'd say we're retired!