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We Return from Mexico & Experience Our First Challenge On the Road - Actually 3!

The last week spent in Rocky Point was excellent!  We managed to record a tour of our motorhome - Winnebago Sightseer 34M - upload it and get it posted along with a video about Puerto Penasco and Brian's Battle Born Install Update.  Success!  This new lifestyle has definitely tested our resourcefulness so we feel pretty good having gotten it done - and we learned a LOT along the way. As mentioned before, the upload speeds where we were located in Mexico were abysmal.  What we had to do was send to a dropbox and our oldest son uploaded and processed on YouTube.  Thank you Eric for bailing out Mom & Dad!  (wink!)

Motorhome Tour Video on YouTube:

Puerto Penasco Video on YouTube:

Battle Born Install Update Video on YouTube:

As all do when getting ready for a travel day, we began the breakdown procedure and while…
Our First Week as Full Timer's in Mexico!  

It's so hard to believe that we've been full timer's (on the road) for a week!  What a wonderful week it's been.  Already we're adapting to "slowing down" and taking notice of things around us.  The birds, the wind, the smell of things.  Aaaah, the smell of the ocean!  One of our favorites!

We pulled into the RV park in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) and noticed how empty it seemed to be for May.  Usually one of the peak months.  I wonder why??  An ocean front space stayed open for a couple of days so we inquired at the office and voila!  we have an ocean front space for the rest of the time we're here.  We're LOVING it.

Our mornings consist of making coffee/tea and then a walk on the beach with the dogs.  They're finally getting used to living in their new home, by the way.  It's such fun to watch Rikki chase after seaweed in the water and watch the little waves as they crash over the top of …
Launch Day & What Happened in Mexico?!

Finally, finally!  On May 9th, we finally took off and headed out of AZ on our new adventure!  First stop was the Fox 10 News Studio for a quick send off from the News Team of Troy Hayden, Celeste Rodriguez and Ron Hoon.

What an interesting experience being on live TV and having everyone in our "home" no less.  The news story played in the morning and again that evening.  Here's a link in case you missed it.

After our stop at the studio, we headed for Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Mexico.  After crossing through the border, we go an unexpected visit from the Mexican military.  They asked to search our home!  In all my years of traveling to Mexico (since I was 5, so that's a lot of years), I've never experienced this type of in-depth search.  They literally went through every drawer, cupboard, medicine cabinet, purse, bag, backpack…
Sharing our Journey With Others!  ABC15 News Feature

We are blown away by the number of Full Time RV'ers who reached out to us as a result of this recent news feature on ABC15 including the number who are in or from AZ.  Such an awesome community to be a part of!

The American Dream on Wheels

Eric Graduates and We Prepare to Launch our Journey!

First things first.... Our oldest son, Eric, graduated from Arizona State University last night.  We are so proud of him.  Not only did he graduate, he did it with honors! Both of our boys achieved major milestones in 2019.  One got married, the other graduated from college.  Brian and I have been strutting around with pride, like peacocks, for the last couple of months.  Way to go Eric and Michael, you make your Mom and Dad very proud!

It's been almost one week since we officially moved in to the RV (her name's Freeda). It's been challenging trying to find stuff and quite often we have things falling out of the cupboards and closets.  We definitely don't have a routine yet and we're constantly rearranging shelves, drawers, pillows, vacuum cleaners, etc.  I'm glad we have this one week of downtime to get situated before we head out.

While Brian and I are learning to live in this smaller space, so are our two…
We updated our Logo - What do you Think?

Brian and I thought it was time to update the logo to something simple and unique.  This is what we came up with - God bless you Fiverr!  The infinity symbol (road) with the sun at our backs.  Kind of sums up what we want from our lives going forward - Simplicity and Uniqueness.  We kind of like that!  We got decals placed on the motorhome on the back and side with our awning.  I'm sure it'll be a conversation starter whenever we pull in somewhere and if you see us on the road - give us a wave!

And with that... we're now Full Timers!

Launch day has finally arrived for Brian, Lucy, Rikki and I!  So much activity over the last week just to get to this point.  It happened so quickly!

First, we completed the online estate sale auction.  All but just a few lots sold and afterwards, we had a small garage sale and then off to the donation center with the remaining stuff.  My anxiety was completely unfounded over auction pick up day.  Many kudos to the team at MaxSold who ran a tight ship when it came to the 200+ people picking up items inside, outside, upstairs and down at our home.  Brian and I chose to hang around for the day (although there was no need to do so) and we got to say "hi" to many friends, family, former coworkers and neighbors who were successful bidders in the auction.  The pickup started at 8:30 and ended right around 2:30 in the afternoon.  It was AMAZING watching how quickly our home emptied out.  We were sure, given the number of people and lots, …