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CONGRATULATIONS to Our Holiday Give-away Winners!

CONGRATULATIONS to Bruce Lindeman & Marilyn George who each won a $50 Amazon Gift Card in our Holiday Give-Away.  We appreciate all of our LU Crew who participated and shared your holiday greetings.  Brian and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Joyful 2020.  We'll see you on the road!

Surviving a Major Breakdown - Full-time RV Life

When you live in your RV, your home is literally on wheels.  The upside is that you get to "live" in beautiful places, the downside is when it breaks down, you may be displaced.

When Brian and I started our full-time RV journey, we had a couple of "fears"that we hoped wouldn't be realized. Both involved something happening to our home whether it be a breakdown or an accident.  When you live in a traditional sticks and bricks home, you at least have the security of knowing you'll have a roof over your head when things breakdown like your AC, refrigerator or plumbing.  Add kids or pets to the mix and things get stressful.

Video of our Breakdown:

You have several concerns and issues to deal with when your RV breaks down.  Questions you may ask yourself:

1) How do I get it to a repair shop?  
2) Where do I get it repaired ?
3) Can I afford the repairs or how will I pay for it?  
4) How long will it take to repair?
and the BIG one 
5) W…