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We Stayed at a waterfront RV Resort for FREE! But what did it really cost us?

Recently, Brian and I stayed at a beautiful RV Resort on the Colorado River for FREE.  The price for a 4 night stay at this resort and all its amenities was 90 minutes of our time attending a resort membership presentation - also called a "resort tour".  Sort of like a timeshare presentation.   We were excited to stay at this park given its waterfront proximity on the Colorado River and had heard a lot about the exciting amenities.  In fact, my parents stayed here several years before us and loved it!  The cherry on top was that our contact in the promotions and marketing department verbally promised us a waterfront spot along with several other free gifts in exchange for our time.  How could we go wrong?!

After driving 3.5 hours from Las Vegas, we finally arrived at registration with eager anticipation of getting to our waterfront site.  We could see the Colorado River and it looked awesome!  Now...I'm sure you can guess what happened!  That's waterfront …

Boondocking Jackpot | Beautiful Locations in the Desert Southwest

By golly, we hit the jackpot!  Nope, not in Las Vegas but in the Desert Southwest!  This winter, Brian and I not only accepted a challenge to boondock (dry camp with no amenities) for at least 30 days, we also committed to boondocking around the Desert Southwest.  Even though we hail from the SW, we've never spent more than a week exploring it in our motorhome.  One, because we didn't have the resources to do so, and two, we didn't have the time. What we found both awed and inspired us to do more of it!!  If you're considering boondocking and looking for free and inexpensive areas to do so, here are four areas we've loved so far!

Quartzsite, Arizona Where is the boondocking area:  If you're looking for free, yet want to be near (within 10 miles) of facilities (gas, water, propane, etc.), consider 95 S to the La Paz Valley Turnoff.  On the right side are numerous boondocking areas that are wide-open and gorgeous!  Also available are four Long Term Visitor Areas (…

It's Only A Matter of Time | How & When to Check Your Tires | FMCA

Have you checked your tires lately? Why, yes we have!  Recently I had a boulder literally jump out in front of me on the highway and hit it square on!  I was following Brian in the Jeep GC onto the highway when WHAM!  A loud bang occurred at the same time the Jeep lifted up and then down.   I swear this rock was a boulder, but Brian thinks it was a wee bit smaller 😉

I radioed Brian at the same time he was noticing a pressure loss on the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), indicating something wrong with the driver's side front tire of the Jeep.  We pulled over and sure enough, the bead broke from the impact of that rock.  Aaaargh!  Another repair!

This whole situation got me thinking about tires.  We've had pretty good luck with both the motorhome and Jeep tires since we departed for full time life back in May 2019.  In our latest YouTube video, we share how and when we check our tires and our plans for when they need to be replaced.  Eventually this happens to everyone! …