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10 Question Challenge - Quarantine Edition

Hello LU Crew! Brian and I were recently challenged by our friends, Michael & Tiffany of YouTube channel "RV Diem", to answer the 10 RV Quarantine questions. We would have preferred to answer these questions via video, however, we're experiencing wifi challenges in our current boondocking location and by the time the video got out, the quarantine could possibly be over!

So here are the answers to Lyf Uninterrupted's 10 Question challenge and stay tuned to the end where we nominate some of our friends to do the same!


Here we go!

Q1)  How many rolls of TP do you have at this moment?

A)  We have three giant rolls!  Back at the beginning of the TP apocalypse, we were running low on TP!  We made a trek to Sam's Club and the only paper product on the shelf was a 1200 pack of napkins!  We went ahead an purchased in the unlikely circumstance we were unable to find TP.  You may have seen our video on that.  

LINK:  Additionally, we were told to purchase blue shop towels as they're very soft on the bum and could be a great substitute.  We bought both.  Lo and behold a couple of weeks ago, we found a 24 pack of TP at a local Albertsons!  How ridiculous that I felt like I'd found the golden ticket!  I carried that pack with pride all the way to the cashier.  Never have I felt so accomplished! 🎉  What have we been reduced to?? 🤷‍♀️


Q2) What has been the biggest challenge since the lockdown?

A)  Not being able to spend time with family and friends as planned.  We had reservations at a Thousand Trails in Mesa, AZ for two weeks.  Two days before we were to arrive, all TT's cancelled incoming reservations.  This meant we'd have to stay in Quartzsite where we were boondocking for an extended period.  Quartzsite is 2.5 hours from our family and because of this we were unable to spend the quality time we had wanted prior to our travel plans for the summer.  Staying connected and involved with our family has been a big challenge.  Telephone calls, texts, face time and emails are great, but actual hugs and face to face conversations are even better!  I know this has been a huge challenge for most of us during this time.

Q3)  Where are you currently parked/docked?

A)  As mentioned, we spent 22 days boondocking in Quartzsite, then had to move into an RV park there as the temperatures began to rise.  100 degrees in an RV is no fun! 🥵  Thankfully we have AC, but in order to run both, we needed electrical hookups.  Even with the hookups, the heat took it's toll on us and we began searching for higher desert boondocking.  We're currently chasing the 70's and located in higher desert in Tonopah Nevada.  We actually had to get our jackets out last night!  Score!!!


Q4)  What have you gone without recently?

A)  Well, I look like a calico cat and Brian's hair is long enough to braid.  We're seriously in need of a hair salon.  I procrastinated scheduling a hair appointment for root touch up and color back in March. By the time I got around to doing it, the Governor of AZ deemed hair salons to be "non-essential" and the one shop in Quartzsite shut down.  A friend of mine suggested trying a box color and doing my own hair.  Since I get highlights, lowlights and toner, I'm a weeeeee bit nervous about doing my own. For the meantime, I'm going to use a root touchup spray (to hide my skunk tail) in the hopes I can make an appointment at some point in Tahoe.  I won't lie, my hair looks terrible!  Brian's just going to wear hats until Sport Clips is open again!  Lucky duck!

Q5)  What are you most grateful for?

A) First and foremost, we're grateful that no one in our family has been diagnosed with Coronavirus.   Secondarily, having a RV that allows us to move around as needed and at the same time, being in the Southwest with very ample boondocking available. We've been able to hunker down in a beautiful place (Quartzsite) for the majority of the quarantine.  We'd still be there if the weather hadn't begun to turn.  We were in a beautiful location with wide open spaces, close to a small town and had terrific wifi and, we're only 2.5 hours from family if needed.  When it got too hot, we were able to take our home and move to higher ground.  We're now in another beautiful location.


Q6)  What do you miss the most?

A)  We miss our freedom 🇺🇸 .  Freedom we had to visit a brewery, hug our family, buy a personalized birthday cake, get our hair done, visit a national park, make reservations for more than one night in California, get a pedicure, make small talk with someone in the grocery store, shop a clothing store, grab a margarita at an outside patio, visit a museum, etc. etc.  This is a contentious topic for us, so we'll just stop here.  Our hearts  go out to all of the Americans who've lost their jobs and business owners who will lose their businesses.  It's a terrible thing.  We are still doing our best to support local businesses by purchasing take-out.  We hope our small contribution to your business will help you survive.  Hang in there!

Q7)  How long has it been since you've been at a campsite?

A)  I guess you could say we're currently at a campsite.  We're on BLM land which is free camping ⛺️ (dry camping) for up to 14 days.  The last time we were in an actual campground would be Picacho State Park campground 🌵  in Arizona.  Geeez, that was in December!!  How time flies!


Q8)  What's your favorite quarantine food?

A)  Hands down, we've been loving quarantine berries!  What?  You haven't heard of them?  Here's a pic!  I'm sure we're not alone in grabbing the berries more often than we should.  


Q9)  How are you exercising/doing workouts?

A)  We aren't!  No just kidding!  We're taking our dogs for more walks then they're used to, that's for sure.  When we boondock, it's easy to get out and explore our new area.  When we're in a RV park, it's a little more difficult depending on the layout and size of the park.  Additionally, we've been taking advantage of our eBikes 🚲  and using them to get around.  

See our latest video on how we're surviving the quarantine blues:  

LINK:  Honestly, we're not exercising as much as we should, especially while imbibing in the quarantine berries!



Q10)  Who are you challenging next?  Choose 5!

A)  Given the timing of this and now that some states are starting to relax quarantine rules, we'd like challenge the following.  However, we understand if you're receiving this a little late in the game.  Have fun with it! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃

@runawaywithusrv - Drew & Ann

@roamingwrosie - Jamie & Linda

@ohhomeontheroad - Rick & Dawn

@jonesn2travel - Aaron & Tina

@mountainbeaches - Norm & Kim

@coastingcastaways - Barry & Jen

Stay tuned for our upcoming 1-year Nomadiversary Video!  We'll openly discuss our impressions of our first year on the road, how much it REALLY cost us, how we made money, how we afford health insurance, our challenges and our greatest rewards.  It was a jam-packed and eventful year - for sure!  Stay tuned to our Youtube Channel for more information.

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Shawnna & Brian ~

For additional information and to connect with Brian and I on other platforms, please check out:

REDDIT: u/lyfuninterrupted  or u/mizcopilot

We now have Lyf Uninterrupted MERCHANDISE!  


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