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Are We Retired?!

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

April 4th, our last day of work, came and went.  Brian and I documented our last day on our YouTube channel and went about our usual routine.  Sunday arrived and I was franticly getting laundry and grocery shopping done in anticipation of Monday.  It was about 4:00 when it dawned on me that the laundry and grocery shopping could wait.  We're retired now!  What???  The concept hadn't yet kicked in and still sounds so foreign to us.  While we weren't using the term ourselves, many of our friends and family called it "retirement", we were calling it "unemployed" and on a good day "pre-retired".  My Dad still doesn't have a name for it, but he does remind us that we're too young to "retire".  So, as Brian likes to say "we're retired from life as we knew it and we're on to the next phase".  I think I like that so we'll use "retired" for short.  Yes, I'd say we're retired!


Now that we have that out of the way, the next question we get asked is "what are you doing now that you're retired"?  Well....we've been working with an estate sale company to sort, catalogue and photograph the inside and outside contents in preparation for an online auction.  It took 4 days of hard labor (or poor us!) and a trip to the local landfill just to get ready.  Once they arrived, MaxSold took over and began sorting our "stuff", taping it off like a crime scene and photographing everything.  They told us they typically see 150 or so lots of stuff, we had almost 450!!  The largest job this local crew has ever done.  Since we're so extraordinary, I asked for a discount, but none was given.  Oh well, doesn't hurt to ask, right?

So here we are! Retired, stuff all over the house and excited to get on the road!  We'll document the online auction for anyone who's interested in how that works.  

Talk soon!

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