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Eric Graduates and We Prepare to Launch our Journey!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

First things first.... Our oldest son, Eric, graduated from Arizona State University last night.  We are so proud of him.  Not only did he graduate, he did it with honors! Both of our boys achieved major milestones in 2019.  One got married, the other graduated from college.  Brian and I have been strutting around with pride, like peacocks, for the last couple of months.  

Way to go Eric and Michael, you make your Mom and Dad very proud!


It's been almost one week since we officially moved in to the RV (her name's Freeda). It's been challenging trying to find stuff and quite often we have things falling out of the cupboards and closets.  We definitely don't have a routine yet and we're constantly rearranging shelves, drawers, pillows, vacuum cleaners, etc.  I'm glad we have this one week of downtime to get situated before we head out.

While Brian and I are learning to live in this smaller space, so are our two fur kids.  Rikki's spent more time RV'ing since she was a baby, but Lucy's having some trouble adapting.  Poor thing won't potty!  Has anyone ever experienced this?  We walk her and walk her and walk her and she's very unsettled - and constipated!!  Ugh!  

It's a huge change for all of us, and they're no exception.


Wednesday night, we pack up and prepare to hit the road.  Our first stop will be a news interview with Fox 10 studios in downtown Phoenix and then we head South of the border.  We're looking forward to bringing you content on our travels and adventures.

For the rest of this week, up to Thursday, we still have several errands to run and prep to complete.  We're planning on recording a video of our first night on the road and the celebration of finally kicking this whole thing off.  Can't wait.  We're also considering a live stream while we're down in Mexico, but may have to explore the wifi service before making that commitment.  If we do, we'll promo so everyone knows the date and time.

We wish you well and thank you for joining us on this journey.  Please let us know if you have any comments or questions.

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