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It's Only A Matter of Time | How & When to Check Your Tires | FMCA

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

Have you checked your tires lately? Why, yes we have! Recently I had a boulder literally jump out in front of me on the highway and hit it square on!  I was following Brian in the Jeep GC onto the highway when WHAM!  A loud bang occurred at the same time the Jeep lifted up and then down.   I swear this rock was a boulder, but Brian thinks it was a wee bit smaller 😉

I radioed Brian at the same time he was noticing a pressure loss on the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), indicating something wrong with the driver's side front tire of the Jeep.  We pulled over and sure enough, the bead broke from the impact of that rock.  

Aaaargh!  Another repair!


This whole situation got me thinking about tires.  We've had pretty good luck with both the motorhome and Jeep tires since we departed for full time life back in May 2019.  In our latest YouTube video, we share how and when we check our tires and our plans for when they need to be replaced.  Eventually this happens to everyone!  Hopefully it's planned rather than a surprise!


Did you know you can have your tires "re-grooved" for longer life??   Do you know what that is and if your tires are eligible?  Do you know how to use a penny to determine your tire's tread depth?  Did you know your FMCA membership entitles you to great discounts on brand-name tires?

Brian and I partner with Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) on a quarterly basis to share with you some of the rich benefits we've utilized or plan to utilize through our FMCA Membership.  We've been members since 2018.  The benefit of having a FMCA membership and having the tire savings program is 1) you get a great discount on brand-name tires 2) no matter what state or location you're in, the savings are consistent.  You won't have to shop around and wonder if you received the best price.

To learn more about the FMCA tire savings program, check out this link:

Tires are an important and expensive part of owning a RV and every little bit helps to keep costs down.  We appreciate the savings program through FMCA.

Remember these important tips to for the safety and longevity of your rig's tires:

1) Check your tires regularly!

2) Understand your manufacturers inspection criteria!

3) Consider a tire discount program like FMCA's Tire Savings Program!

4) Remember IT'S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME - be prepared!

If you're interested in joining FMCA, you can find more information For $10 OFF your membership, please use our affiliate link:

We hope this information is helpful.  Please let us know if you've used FMCA's tire savings program and how it worked for you!

For additional information on this program and to connect with Brian and I on other platforms, please check out:

TWITTER: @lyfuninterruptd

REDDIT: u/lyfuninterrupted  or u/mizcopilot


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