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Our First Week as Full Timer's in Mexico!

It's so hard to believe that we've been full timer's (on the road) for a week!  What a wonderful week it's been.  Already we're adapting to "slowing down" and taking notice of things around us.  The birds, the wind, the smell of things.  Aaaah, the smell of the ocean!  One of our favorites!

We pulled into the RV park in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) and noticed how empty it seemed to be for May.  Usually one of the peak months.  I wonder why??  An ocean front space stayed open for a couple of days so we inquired at the office and voila!  we have an ocean front space for the rest of the time we're here.  We're LOVING it.


Our mornings consist of making coffee/tea and then a walk on the beach with the dogs.  They're finally getting used to living in their new home, by the way.  It's such fun to watch Rikki chase after seaweed in the water and watch the little waves as they crash over the top of her.  She's such a little sport.  Lucy's still learning to like the water.  Each night we go to bed with the windows open and the sound of waves crashing on the beach outside.  We could really get used to this!

Our days have been varied.  We've spent time reading on the beach, exploring the area or working in the wifi room on our latest video.  I have to say it, though, the wifi here sucks!! If it weren't for that, we'd probably consider staying here for another week beyond our original plan, but oh well.  We're working on our next video which will cover the 5 traditions of Rocky Point, MX.  We're having fun producing it.

Already we met some couples who are retired/semi retired and spending time in Rocky Point.  One invited us to dinner last night at Jesse's Carreta.  It's a small restaurant, off the beaten path, with good food and great (good sized) drinks.  Jesse took a moment to share his story of becoming a restaurant owner and it was inspiring and moving.  He basically started with a pina colada cart and expanded to a full restaurant.  Jesse's place is actually his home and he has it vibrantly decorated.  

You can learn more about Jesse on his facebook page:


Earlier this week, we rented a side by side and drove it up La Loma, also known as sand buggy hill, to reminisce over our proposal 33 years ago.  Cross is still there!  In fact, I took a short video of Brian making the climb and there's a strange ray of sunshine that's focused solely on the cross.  See our Instagram page @lyfuninterrupted for the video.

Check out the sun-ray hitting the cross


We've been to the El Malecon (Fish Market), JJ's Cantina, Manny's Beach Club, Sand Buggy Hill and Luca's Charbroiled Chicken.  We still have more to go!  If you've never been to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco), we highly suggest you consider it.  It's safe, secure and American-friendly. They have several RV parks with full hook ups but there is limited dry camping available.  I believe one park accommodates dry camping and it's called Concha del Mar.   We'll cover all of this in our upcoming video.  

Please let us know if you have any questions about traveling to Mexico as we'd be happy to help you out.

Well, I think I hear the burrito lady calling on down the way.  Better run before she sells them all.  The best on the beach!!  Until next time..Adios!

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