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Our Last Week of Corporate America!

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

When Brian and I started the countdown to full time RVing, we tracked the number of weeks until we left corporate America.  I remember when we had 26 left and telling Brian to buckle up - it's going to go quick.  I was right! It flew by!  I can't believe we're entering our last week of work.  4 days to be exact!  Our last week!!  So many emotions and thoughts as we prepare to spend our last week with our coworkers, leaders and colleagues.  My company has arranged two lunches and a cake.  Brian's still unknown but I'm sure they'll send him off in style.


Looking back on my career in HR, I can remember fondly some of the awesome people I got the privilege to work with:  nurses, doctors, lawyers, engineers, astronauts, rocket scientists (that's right!), golf pros, construction workers, sales people, financial wizards and many more.  These people helped shape my career, influenced me as a leader and helped me become the person I am today.  It wasn't always rainbows and unicorns but I always took a lesson learned from a bad leader (you shall remain nameless) as much as I did from a great one (Thank you Cheryl C, Tom W, Jim C and others).  HR can be a thankless job at times, but these leaders always made me feel valued!

Speaking of HR, I also had the privilege of having some of the brightest and best talent on my team.  You too, influenced me to be a better leader and I hope I was able to impart at least one nugget of wisdom along the way.  Leading others is truly a privilege and I thank those who joined my team and made an impact:  Ann, Nicole, Amber, Bree, Darcy, Monique, Mary, Jeff, Dorinda and the list goes on.  Thank you!

I will look back fondly on the companies that took a chance on me and gave me the opportunity to make a difference.

Because of those opportunities, Brian and I are able to make our dreams a reality a little sooner than we had planned.  We'll be looking forward through the windshield and reminiscing in the rear view mirror!  Off we go!

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