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RV Upgrades, Channel 15 News Interview, Auction Rolls, Transition to RV

WOW , a lot has happened in just a week!  So much that we had to take a time out to stop and smell the roses at OHSO this past Friday. 🍻 Brian completed several interior upgrades to the RV.  Stuff we've been wanting to do but just didn't have the time.  We tiled the kitchen with peel and stick tiles and replaced the faucet and shade.  What a difference!  It opened up the space, making it feel lighter and brighter.
Brian posted a short video of the whole process on our Youtube channel. Channel 15's Journalist, John Genovese, stopped by our home to conduct an interview and tour of our motorhome. He was certainly interested in how we'll repair and maintain the motorhome and was quite impressed with Brian's mechanical skills and former F15 Crew Chief background. They were equally impressed with the disaster we're living with, in and outside our home, as a result of the estate auction. John said he'd call us when the piece was to air so we'll post information as soon as we get it! The auction's in full swing and last check we had only 11 (out of 445) lots still without bids.  The sale ends this Thursday and lucky bidders pick up their stuff on Saturday.  If you're in AZ and interested, you can find our auction on   I won't lie, I'm really nervous to have tons of people walking through our home moving furniture and stuff.  We hired "security" to help us out.  Anything that wasn't bid on will be put in a yard sale on Sunday and we move into the motorhome.  In our driveway!! Sorry, HOA, no other choice.  It's only until we close on the house in a few days.
We've begun moving our stuff into the rig with the exception of our clothes which still challenges both Brian and I.  I think the solution's going to be space saver bags stored under the beds.  Then there're the shoes!!  Ugh!   Today's Easter (and my Dad's Bday) and we're spending it with family.  We're looking forward to this time together before hitting the road.  May you all have a blessed holiday!   Till next week~

RV Upgrades, Channel 15 News Interview, Auction Rolls, Transition to RV
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