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How Much Does A RV Warranty Cost? Without One, We Spent over $10,000 Out of Pocket!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

After the release of our recent video, It's Done! explaining the unexpected engine rebuild on our 2008 Winnebago Sightseer motorhome, we received a number of questions from viewers on how much an average RV warranty costs.  As explained in our video, we chose not to purchase an RV warranty due to Brian's mechanical ability, but you know the saying "hindsight is 2020!" We never would have imagined the need to rebuild our engine with only 43,000 miles on our coach.  The thought NEVER entered our mind. The total cost of our repairs came to over $10,000!! I guess it goes to show you, you never know what could happen! 


Brian and I partner with Wholesale Warranties because of their reputation in the RV community.  If we had purchased a warranty, this is who we would have gone with.  To answer some of the "cost" questions, we attach this informational blog from WW.  If you are interested in  receiving a no obligation quote or just need additional information, please use our link here or at the bottom of our blog post.  


Whether you have an older RV or just bought a new one, it’s important to consider how it will be protected during your travels. Having an extended warranty is essential for peace of mind on the road, but there is a lot to consider when searching for the right policy. One of the most common questions to come up during your research will be: “how much does an RV warranty cost?” Stick with us during this blog to get a better understanding of how warranties are valued, and how to find the right plan at the right price for your budget.

Determining RV Protection Pricing

Exactly how much does an RV warranty cost? Well, that all depends. We know cost is a major determining factor in the buying process, and will likely be a quality you compare from provider to provider. It’s important, then, to look at how a company arrives at a given cost, and if that price is fair, and attached to a level of coverage you feel confident purchasing.

How RV Warranties are Valued?

Your RV protection price will be based on a variety of factors. These include: your RV’s year, make, model, and mileage. The model year of the RV is a major factor determining eligibility. For example, Wholesale Warranties can offer full coverage for motorhomes aged 15 model years and newer, and power-train only coverage for vehicles aged 16 – 20 model years old.

The RV extended warranty will also take into account the value of your vehicle, as well as more time-sensitive information, such as whether or not the unit is still under a manufacturer’s warranty, and when and where it was purchased. A common misconception is that you won’t need an extended warranty if your new unit is still covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. In fact, this is one of the best times to get a warranty! As your unit ages, the price of the policy goes up. Locking in a policy when your rig is new with little miles can be the winning way to go.

Coverage Unique to Your Lifestyle 

The way you use your rig, how much repair work you want to do on your own, and what items you are most concerned with covering will all play major roles in pricing your policy the right way. Additionally, the number of miles you put on the unit, your desired level of risk for protection products, where you like to take your RV for repair work, and how handy you are with your own maintenance and services should all be factors your provider considers before recommending a warranty or price.

When will I get a Quote?

Many companies may provide you with a quote upfront, but keep in mind it may not be the best choice for who you are as an RVer. As you work with an RV warranty provider, you’ll want to make sure they’re asking the right kind of questions to get a feel for how you RV, and the type of coverage that makes sense for you. An algorithm that was engineered to fit the majority of people is simply not fair pricing. You might have different travel plans than what is quoted for the “general” RVer. For instance, you might only use your rig during the weekends while others might choose to live in theirs full-time. With several levels of coverage and terms available, these two types of RVers shouldn’t necessarily receive the same quote. The goal of any provider should not be to sell you their most expensive policy, but to sell you one that fits your needs and unit. This type of personalization should be a requirement of your protection provider—not a luxury.

An example of this process can be seen in the tailored quotes provided by Wholesale Warranties. When you speak to one of our specialists, they will ask you a series of questions to determine what coverage is right for you, what deductible options are available, the length of term they recommend for your RVing lifestyle, and more. You will then receive a personalized quote that is unique to you and your rig. We simply do not have a “one size fits all” price, as there is no one size fits all RV or RVer! Whether you choose to secure coverage with us or another company, this is the type of service and pricing every RVer should look for from their warranty provider.

Finding the right quote can be time-consuming and sometimes intimidating. It’s important to communicate with your provider, and ensure the price offered is accurate and fair, from the basics like your unit’s age and value, down to the lifestyle choices that make your RV adventures so unique. 

Interested in working with an RV Warranty Specialists to see what type of coverage fits you and your rig?

Simply fill out the form attached to this link and voilà, you’re on the way to peace of mind:

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