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Planning & Prepping in Full Swing

Well, it's now March (officially on Friday) and we're in full swing from planning to prepping to go full time.  So much to do!  So little time it seems!  Somehow we managed to put out three videos each week that take you from the why to the how.  If you haven't seen them, you can check them out here on Youtube.

We achieved our first 100 subscribers on YouTube this past week!  So exciting.  I hear the next hundred aren't as tough, but geez, it was a long haul.  Literally we went from 31 to 100 in just a little over a week after learning a bit more about how to promote and increase your subscriber base.  I think it also had something to do with putting our more content.  We're just excited to have 100 subscribers who are interested in our journey and helping us along the way.  Thank you!!



So what have we accomplished so far?  Well, we've begun going through the house and purging stuff we don't anticipate will sell at the auction.  We turned in my lease vehicle and sold off all of our toys. The hardest was definitely Brian's muscle car.  He was a little down a few weeks afterwards, so I quietly reminded him of all the experiences he'll gain as a result.  He seems to have gotten past it now.  

We tore apart 30 years worth of photo albums and sent the pictures in to be digitized.  So we're now in the process of doing the same with our important records.  Any books we think we'll need on the road (atlases, DIY manuals, trash novels and such) will be downloaded to either iPad or Kindle.  We have such a collection of books - especially for my career in HR.  Hate to see them go, but won't need them on the road.

We scheduled and signed contracts on the estate sale which will occur in April.  Brian's also working with the realty company - Offer Pad - to schedule an offer and walk through.  Good thing we're done working by April 4th, because we'll need that time.

We're fixing up the house and repairing items that have been weighing on our minds.  Also in anticipation of the home sale.  We're scheduling our annual medical/dental/vet exams before we hit the road.  Another reason to have April all to ourselves.  Did I mention April's going to be a crazy month for us?

First things first, our youngest son is getting married on March 10th, and we have family from Indiana coming to stay with us.  Very excited for the newlywed couple and the family!!!  Can't believe our baby is going to be someone's husband.  He's a good kid!  We're very proud of him!

So that's it for now.... lots to do.  Lots to complete..  Lots to get excited about!

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