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We had Fun Touring 2019 Airstreams this Weekend!

This weekend, Brian and I went to the International Sportsmen's Expo where we toured the 2019 Airstream line up.  It was the first time the two of us had been inside a real Airstream trailer.  They're fascinating to see from the outside and equally interesting on the inside.  The trailers we toured had some really nice features, but the biggest let down was the size of the shower.  I'm wondering if all Airstream trailers have the same size shower?  Being 5'8" and Brian at 6'2", there was no way we could use it other than sitting down.


Our weekends and evenings continue to be filled with purging, sorting and organizing in anticipation of the big auction that starts in early April.  We also signed the contract on our house (scary but YAY!) and are awaiting the results of the home inspection.  Brian's been selling his Allan Edmonds shoes on eBay (like hot cakes) and I'm preparing to send all of my suits and better clothing to ThreadUp.  TU is an online clothing consignment shop!

Next weekend we should have our motorhome back with the new flooring!  Can't wait to see it.

Check out our latest video on YouTube!


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